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Gioietta Kuo,

About the Author

Gioietta Kuo spent her childhood in the foothills of the Tibetan Plateau - Kham - in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. At the end of WWII, her father took up a job with UNESCO in Paris and she was abruptly dumped into a girls boarding school in Bristol, England, when just 14 years of age with little command of English. After 4 years, she went to Cambridge and Birmingham universities obtaining a PhD in nuclear physics at age 24.

In the following year she lived in Paris, working for the French Commisariat d'Energie Atomique. In 1959 she married a fellow graduate student from Yugoslavia, Goran, and went to live in Zagreb, Croatia where she worked in nuclear physics at Institut Ruder Boskovic. In 1961, she and Goran returned to England, working in computational plasma physics for the UK Atomic Energy Authority's plasma and thermonuclear physics laboratory at Culham, near Oxford. She was the Atlas Computer Fellow at St Hilda's college of Oxford university before coming to the USA to work at Princeton University in 1977.

She is an expert on 3D CT image reconstruction with 2 patents to her name when she worked in Siemens Medical Systems NJ. She has over 70 publications in world class scientific journals in Nuclear Physics, Plasma Physics, Computational Physics, Physical Review etc. Since 2006, she has written over 100 articles on the global environment. Among them many in the Chinese press: ‘People's Daily’ — organ of the Chinese communist party and ‘World Environment’ — Magazine of the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection, she has also written for several Washington think tanks: World Future Society,, and She was a senior Fellow of her resident think tank American Center for International Policy Studies,

She has 2 sons. She and Goran lived near Yosemite, then in Santa Rosa in California before moving to Philadelphia in 2014.

Biography of Gioietta Kuo (-Petravic)  PhD

Career Highlights:

       * MA in physics at Cambridge University, UK

       * PhD in nuclear physics, University of Birmingham, England, UK at age 24

       * Atlas Computer Fellow at St Hilda's College, Oxford University, Oxford, England, UK

       * Research physicist at French Atomic Energy Commission in Paris France.

       * Research physicist at Institut Ruder Boskovic, Zagreb, Croatia.

         Holder of Ruder Boskovic Prize for excellence in Physics.

       * Research physicist at Culham Laboratory of UKAEA - United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, England, UK. 6 years

       * Research fellow at Atlas Computer laboratory, SRC, UK

       * 12 years in scientific research at Princeton University. US

       * Siemens Medical Systems, specialist in CT (Computer Tomography) image reconstruction algorithms.

          Holder of 2 patents in CT (Computer Tomography) in 3-D Image reconstruction

          USPTO Patent # 5375156 Dec 1994

          USPTO Patent # 7170966 Jan 2007

"China My Other Country" Memoir published Oct 2010

Senior Fellow, American Center For International Policy Studies,



A. Research Physicist in Science

I have 40 years of research experience in Nuclear Physics, Plasma and Thermonuclear Physics, Astrophysics, Numerical Analysis, Computer Software, Automatic Code Generation, and Large Scale Numerical Modeling of Plasmas.  I have over 70 scientific PUBLICATIONS in the world's top journals like 'Physical Review Letters', 'Physical Review', ' Physics of fluids', ‘Plasma Physics’, ‘Nuclear Fusion’, ‘Nuclear Physics’, 'Journal of Computational Physics', ‘Computer Physics Communications’ etc, as well as many reports and contributions to academic books. ( Note: first published under name Gioietta Kuo, later as Gioietta Kuo-Petravic)

Notable publication:

“Proton Spectra From D(n,p)2n Reaction At 14.4 Mev” Physical Review Letters, Vol 6, # 6, 1961

K. Ilakovac, L.G. Kuo, M. Petravic, I.Slaus, P. Tomas

B.Writer on Environmental Topics in Both English and Chinese

Since 2006, I have established myself as a regular writer on global environmental matters, in particular in the Chinese press. My articles have an educative role in the People’s Daily - organ of the Chinese government, where the government sets down policies for all the officials across the country to follow with a circulation of 2.3 million. More scholarly are my seminal articles in ‘World Environment’ - Journal of the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection, useful to the decision making officials in the government on important world environmental phenomena and trends as well as climate modeling - what are climatologists’ predictions and the pitfalls of using climate modeling for future policy decisions by the Ministry. In addition, I write on the global population explosion, alternative energy etc. Other writings have appeared in several Washington think tanks: World Future Society,, and I was a senior fellow of resident think tank American Center for International Policy Studies,, which has been hacked in 2016 and is no longer functional. My recent articles are now published in Stanford University MAHB - Millennial Alliance on Humanity and  Biosphere.

Notable Environmantal Publications:

      * “The Bee, Part I: Dance of the bees“.

         “The Bee, Part II: Disappearance of the bees, what we can do to help”

         “The bee, Part III: Future outlook for the bee with self-pollination, human pollination, synthetic biology and robot bees.” Stanford University, MAHB, Jan 2018

      * “What if? Genetically Modified Organisms and Synthetic Life: Future Ethics Questions” by Gioietta Kuo and Lane Jennings in ‘World Future Review’ Volume 6,   #2 Summer 2014

      * “Achieving Happiness in a sustainable world” Gioietta Kuo and Lane Jennings. published in Conference BOOK, WFR. World Future Society Conference July  2013

      * “Alternative energy in UK and energy conservation”. ‘World Environment’ Beijing, Jan 2011. In Chinese.

      * “How hot will it be in 2030 - Understanding climate modeling" in "World Environment", Beijing, Sep 2010. Formulating policy for the decision makers of the                   Ministry. In Chinese.

      * “Global crisis of water scarcity" in People's Daily, Beijing July 2010.

      * “World population Outgrowing Environment" ‘World Environment’, Beijing, Jul 2010

       * “Realities of technology for sustainable futures" ‘World Environment’, Beijing. Mar 2010. This article was highly rated and is meant to be studied by Ministry                     officials, in particular, DECISION MAKERS in the Ministry.




PEOPLE’S DAILY In Chinese and English

This journal is the organ of the Chinese Communist Party. All party members read it. Circulation 2.3 million.



*   “Global Energy and Climate Change in the Future”, ‘World Environment’. Published in ‘top viewpoint’ Beijing, issue 5, Sept 2007
*    “Realities of technology for sustainable futures”  issue 2, Mar 2010
*   “World population outgrowing environment”,  issue 4, Jul 2010
*   “How hot will it be in 2030 - Understanding ClimateModeling”  issue 5, Sept 2010
*   “Alternative energy in densely populated Western Europe”,  issue 1, Jan 2011.
*   “Energy in 2030 and conservation Part I " issue 3,May 2011
*   “Energy in 2030 and conservation. Part II" issue 4, July 2011
*   "Climate change: the evidence and our options" Lonnie G. Thompson & Gioietta Kuo
      issue 6   Nov  2011 in English and Chinese.
Also video:   The Chinese version of the video:,
English version of the video: id_XMzMzMjU4NTky.html,
  “Will natural gas replace oil?” issue 2, Mar , 2012
  “Geothermal energy” issue 3, May 26 2012*  
  “A dry future for our planet” issue 5, Sept , 2012
   “Mega Crisis? Overpopulation is the problem” issue 6, Nov  2012
*   “MAHB - A discussion forum to disseminate ideas on how to improve our environment. With biodiversity”  Paul Ehrlich and Gioietta Kuo  issue 4, July 2013
*    “Prosperity and Happiness” issue 2, Mar 26 2013
*   “Overview of global geothermal energy - 2015 update”  issue 4, July 2015
*    “Global warming - consequences and future” issue 6, Nov 2015
*   “World Water Scarcity - Conservation and Desalination” issue2, March 2016
*   “Two disasters facing humanity: climate change and overpopulation” issue 3, May 2016
*   “ Climate change -present and Future” issue 4 July 2016
*   “ HFCs and fluorides - greenhouse coolants harmful to global warming “ issue 5,  Novt 2016
*   “ Overview of Nuclear Energy” issue 2. Invited paper, issue 2,March 2017
*   “2017 Update on the World’s Diminishing Resources” issue 6,  Sept  2017
*   “The amazing life of bees - our indispensable partner on earth”  issue 1, Jan 2018
   “ Future outlook for bees, self-pollination, human pollination, Synthetic biology, robot bees”  issue 3, May 2018
*    “ 2018  Update on melting ice and sea level rise”  issue 5   Sept  2018
   “IPCC warns, extreme weather devastates, but where is the action?”  issue 1, Jan
   “ Carbon dioxide emission and carbon footprint”  issue    July     Sept 2019
*     “When fossil fuels run out, what then?”   issue   Oct  2019    
*     “Plastic pollution of our oceans”  
    to be published 2019
 *    “Yet another emerging global crisis - homelessness”
     to be published    2019




Stanford University

*   A trio of 3 articles on BEES January 2018
The Bee,
Part I:  Dance of the bees?,
Part II:  Disappearance of the bees,  What we can do to help?
Part III:  Future outlook for the Bee with self pollination, human pollination, synthetic biology and robot bees.
*   A trio of 3 articles on "2018 Update on the World's Diminishing Resources".  April 2018
2018 Update on the world's diminishing resources, Part I :  Deforestation
2018 Update on the world's diminishing resources, Part II:  Biodiversity
2018 Update on the world's diminishing resources, Part III:  Melting ice and sea level rise
you may also the complete article a

*  Carbon Dioxide Emission and Carbonfootprint’ July 24, 2018
*  IPCC warns, extreme weather devastates, but where is the action?
   October 26, 2018

Excerpt from
“IPCC warns, extreme weather devastates, but where is the action?”
  April 2019

When fossil fuels run out, what then?
 May 2019

Plastic pollution of our oceans  
 July 2019

* Yet another emerging global crisis - homelessness
August 2019

 * “Ocean Warming and Coral Bleaching”

* “How the world is combating the coronavirus *COVID-19 pandemic”

* “Overpopulation and water scarcity leading to world future food crisis”

* “Growing Global Overpopulation and Migration are Destabilizing our World”

* “Mysteries of our deep ocean and challenge to our predicament”

All the above articles  have been or in the process of being  published in Chinese in World Environment, magazine of the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection.




It is also online:



NOTE: This website has been hacked in 2016 and is no longer functional.

*“HFCs and fluorides - greenhouse coolants harmful to global warming “ 2016

* “Inequality in our Capitalist Society, How Will Capitalism End and What next?” July 2016

* “Two Disasters facing Humanity: Climate Change and Overpopulation” May 2016

* “ World Water Scarcity - Conservation and Desalination” Mar 2016

*“Climate change -present and Future” Jan 2016

*   “Global warming - consequences and future” Nov 2015

*  “Overview of global geothermal energy - 2015 update July 2015

* “Regeneration medicine” Sept  2014

*  “Where to? Genetic Engineering - Genetically Modified Organisms, GMO, Synthetic Life and Bioethics Gioietta Kuo and Lane Jennings July 2014

*  “DNA of synthetic life, English in, Dec 2013

*  “Greatest threat to our future - peak water with a special report on pollution in China” GIOIETTA KUO & ZHAO LEI August 2013

*  “Discovery of rare earth minerals in sea mud”  June 2013

* “Nuclear Desalination” Feb 2013

*  “Geothermal energy” May 2012

*  “Will natural gas replace oil?” May 2012

*  “Climate change: the evidence and our options” Lonnie   

   Thompson and Gioietta Kuo



      “Nuclear Desalination” Mar 2013





CHINA DAILY in English



*“New technologies to sustain transport futures” May 2010. Washington

*  “God vs Atheism” Sep 2007

* “Male Contraception proven effective in Chinese study” Eye

     on Earth, Washington Jan 2010.

*  “An Open letter To Bill and Melinda Gates” Jun 2006